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Saturday, December 25, 2010


Hallway of Life

Picture a long hallway . Your goal or your destination is the end of the hallway and there are many rooms in the hallway. Each room has something in it- a new friends, a new experience, a new way of doing something, a road block potentially. You don’t know what is in any of the rooms as you start your way down the hallway, walking towards your goal or destination.

This was an analagy that I came up with in a conversation with one of my Olympic Athlete patients, Zach Bell. We were comparing our “styles” of life. Zach is obviously very goal oriented and does not get distracted easily. He has a very direct focus and he pretty much heads straight down the hall, going in only a few rooms.

On the other hand, I will stop to look and see what is in EVERY ROOM.. sometimes I find something in the room that helps me get to the end of the hall faster, and sometimes I find something that will take me longer to reach the end. I WILL get to the end of the hall, and I am definitely goal driven- but I don’t wanna miss out on any of the rooms.

My husband Kevin will relate this attribute of mine to our “Christmas Lights Run” . Around this time of year, sometimes we will tend to run in the evenings (cause it gets dark so early!!) I ooooh and ahhh at every house that has christmas decorations or lights, even if they are not the most spectacular house on the block. But can appreciate that I am out for a run, accomplishing the goal of that training session, or that building block to the big goal of the race, but I can enjoy each journey along the way.



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  1. I am much the same as you. FOMO- fear of missing out...that's what keeps me looking into EVERY room down the hallway too!