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Sunday, May 1, 2011


Sunday May 2 2011, 7:30 pm, Queen's Park Arena.
New Westminster Women's Salmonbellies VS Coquitlam Adanacs


With all of Kev's family members being very "into" lacrosse, they all have been enquiring into when the first game is, and Kev replies with: "she likes practices, she just wants to keep practicing".

Well, I changed my mind tonight.. I LOVE the game too! Of course, I didn't play a whole lot, and there are certainly MANY things that I need to improve on, but the game was a way to learn a whole NEW set of EVERYTHING!!! At one point I said to Coach Keith... "sooo, the best way to learn is to just get in there???" and he responded with a resounding : "YES... yes it is, you are absolutely right" So I took a few deep breaths, and got in there.
, I definitely wasn't the superstar player of the game, as to be expected, but I did feel that I wasn't horrible either! I really tried to apply what I had learned at practices and help out the vets. I got rocked more than once, and was glad I had a helmet, but as one of my "fans" noticed, I also laid it out there a few times. HITTING, is something that goes on my list of things that need to be improved this week, as feedback a few times was "don't be afraid to hit" and I think I was being a bit passive. I feel that I did alright though, and Kev said I was better than he expected (hmmmm... compliment or not??) I feel that I had a few skills to practice and then build on from there, I feel that by taking these "steps" I am capable of handing and applying them and then learn in the situation what I need to improve on and make those steps even better!

Our "stand in" goalie HEATHER deserved to be the first star of the game, as she was unbelievable in net.. man I would give her 5 stars for volunteering for that job in the first place.. NO THANKS! But she was good! REALLY good for not even being a goalie as her "day job!". Krista Lee aka "super-mom" scored our only goal and I am not even kidding, she was dual duties as she did have an eye on her kid-lets to ensure they were behaving in the stands!!
Shout out to the girls on the PP (that's powerplay, in case you didn't know) who were on the move all game after some intense hits from the Coquitlam side!

DID WE WIN?- Nope... but it was close, we lost 3-1. I wasn't even focused on the score though.. for me the goal of the game was not to mess up, to not get injured, and to wrap my head around things... which I feel I did accomplish! NEXT UP: Practice (hitting) on Tuesday and then Game 2 vs. Maple Ridge on Thursday night at 7 pm, Queen's Park Arena in New Westminster. Tickets are FREE!

Nadine-or-Katrina when someone told her she had blood on her leg: "That's Lacrosse!"
Coach Keith "Jenn... what's the first rule for defence?"- Jenn: "Find a check and get on her"

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