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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pre- Olympic Training in Apeldoorn Holland

For the past week and a bit I have  been in Apeldoorn, Holland with the Olympic Track Cycling team who are putting the last minute touches on their training in preparation for the Olympics! Basically the week has gone like this:

6-8am-Staff workout time: I have been doing these amazing runs, sometimes with other staff members, sometimes alone. This is hands down one of the best places I have run while travelling. I have run 8 days and never taken the same route twice! There are bike paths galore and dirt trails through forests, fields, along canals! Truly amazing running!

9-2 or 3- Track Training- my role with the team includes being an extra set of hands at the track, making sure the riders are taken care of, carrying equipment, counting laps (my fav job!), and holding bikes, and providing any treatment or taping as the need comes up! I am sure it is this part of the job that is allowing me to be here at the Olympics and accredited to be in the village! All the athletes are looking super fast in their "retro" blue skinsuits and I am excited to see what successes we have when we start racing in London!

3-9- Treatments- I have a sweet little treatment room set up in one of the houses where the athletes come for their scheduled sessions. Some people get treatments daily while others space it out. At first we were working on a lot of tight spots from travel and training, but its awesome to see how everyone responds well to the ART, Graston, K-taping and adjusting and at this point things are just minor and maintenance. I do what I can to help with recovery after tough training sessions, and to prepare their bodies for the race of their lifetimes!

9- dinner- We are super lucky to have a nutritionist travelling with us who is an amazing cook! She's taking care of us big-time with super nutritious healthy tasty food!

9-10- staff meeting- to plan logistics for the next day, so we all know what is expected of us and how we can make things run as smoothly as possible for the athletes so they can focus on training and not worry about the little stuff!

10-Midnight- since I still have 2 clinics to run back home, I need to be sure that I stay on top of things! My teams back home do a fantastic job, but I usually try to take advantage of the perceived extra "computer time" that I may get to tackle marketing projects, articles and the like. Then I am good and tired and ready for sleep by then!

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  1. Amazing! What a busy day you lead but probalby really rewarding!