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Monday, May 24, 2010


4 days, 350 kms of biking, 28 kms of running, 2kms of swimming, 11 athletes treatments

1. The training- obviously training camp is an opportunity to get a big training overload. My body LOVES this overload and responds really well to it, if I do it properly, and back it off the week after. Training camp is a great time to push the limits, test your physical and mental capacities. There is lots of support and lots of down time to allow for all this great training too!

2. The people- there are some GREAT people at training camps, and there is something to be learned from everyone! From multiple ironman athletes, to first timers, everyone has a story, and a reason for doing what they are doing. Friends are made and I always learn something from everyone at camp.

3. Triathlon, triathlon and more triathlon- When else is it completely acceptable to talk about triathlon ALL THE TIME?
From gear to clothing to nutrition and race strategies, there is are many different aspects of triathlon that don't go un-discussed. It's a great opportunity to get foc
used, learn about all new things triathlon,

4. The scenery- The okanagan is a great place to train because of all the terrain, the scenery and the hills. After a 15 km climb, you know that the reward is waiting and the view is sure to be absolutely amazing! The ANARCHIST climb won the first star for amazing scenery this trip! Check it out!

5. The Destination- usually training camps are held away from your regular place of residence, it adds to the whole experience to have a destination training camp. I have been lucky enough to travel to training camps in Florida, California and now the Okanagan. All amazing places to get a "train-on".

6. The treatments- I do my part as a chiro to the athletes at these camps too! I only feel complete doing so. I am pretty lucky cause I am with my "camp mates" a lot, so I can see the immediate benefits of what I can do, and have great follow ups and asses biomechanics as well. It feels so good to see people improve after only a little bit of work and also helps educate people about Active Release Techniques (ART) and how freaking amazing this technique is!

7. INSPiRATION- This is a bit of a combo of ALL the categories above- the people, the coaches, the motivation, the scenery, the TRIATHLONING! I always am inspired and motivated, and full of new knowledge after attending a camp.

8. The food- aside from the numerous gels, gatorade, clif bars and other training foods, training camp is usually a giant smorgasboard of great food! There's Leslie and her homemade protein bars and cookies, fantastic BBQs, Joanne's lasagna, and usually a trip to Dairy Queen after a looooong training day! With all the training we are doing, our bodies deserve this nutrition to recover!

This is just a small list of why I LOVE LOVE training camp and why I will likely never give up this awesome sport. Thanks Pacific Rim Multisport for putting on such a phenomenal camp!

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  1. I heart training camp too - see you in July :) Be sure to fix Jeff up good so I can dust him properly on our hill repeats ;) I'm no good at this blogging stuff, but am trying and will see if I can take a note from you as far as documenting life in general.