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Sunday, May 2, 2010


There are a few reasons that I have decided to start blogging, not because I have some extra time to kill, or cause I dont' talk to enough people during a day, but I have decided to start blogging for these reasons:

-I am inspired. There are some really great blogs out there and I have only skimmed the surface, Steph Corker-Irwin, Nicola Guildersleeve, Kelly Lyons, all people that I admire and respect. I enjoy reading blogs of these people and I hope that someone will enjoy reading mine too.

-It allows my family and friends to follow my adventures and experiences as both an athlete and a chiropractor to the athletes if they so choose! I am so lucky! I have a great job that exposes me to new learning opportunities every day. I want to share them!

- I want to have a record of my experiences, and how I am feeling about those experiences and what I feel I have learned from them.

-I am a "writer-downer", I need to write things down to make sense of them in my own head (which has been referred to as a 3-ring circus). But also just to commit things and experiences to memory, and make things a habit, thus blogging makes perfect sense for this.

I look forward to "getting into" blogging more and discovering other blogs and waiting to see what kind of doors open for me in this new venture!

Disclaimer: this blog is NOT a professional blog it is entirely personal, what makes me the professional that I am, the athlete that I am and the professional and athletic experiences that I have.


  1. How much do i love that you are blogging? Let me count the ways! WOOT!

  2. Thank you for mentioning me (and calling me "inspiring") ... I will try to live up to that standard! I am looking forward to following your blog and being inspired by you and your athletic pursuits!