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Saturday, July 3, 2010


OK, OK, so Canada Day is technically over, but because some people (not me of course, I love to work!) were taking it as an extra LOOOONG weekend, the title of this post still applies!

This blog post is actually a copy of this weeks Editorial in the local New Westminster newspaper, the Newsleader:

"O Canada Day eve, and we've got lots of complain about:
The weather.
The new line item that will appear on the bottom of our Wendy's receipt starting tomorrow and will render our pockets a few cents lighter.
The billion dollars it cost us to keep a bunch of world leaders safe as they posed for "grip and grin" photos and solved nothing at the G8/G20 summit in Toronto.
The absence of a Canadian Team at the World Cup.
But tomorrow we get to put those complaints aside and just be who we are: Canadians.
Canada Day is the one day of the year we can get away with wearing red and white, have
our cheeks decaled with the red maple leaf, or sing O Canada with pride.

There's a lot to celebrate about being Canadian:
The weather: Really four seasons of sunshine and warmth would be boring
Hockey: A soccer player in the World Cup gets brushed ever-so-lightly and crumples to the
turf like he's been shot; a hockey player loses seven teeth to a frozen puck, gathers his
shattered chicklets from the ice and is back for his next shift.
Our banking system: sure, all those annoying fees for ATM withdrawls and money
transfers add up to multi-billion dollar profits, but at least the banks don't come crawling back to the government for bailout money so their executives can continue adding their Maserati collections with bonuses they earned from floating questionable loans to customers who could ill afford them.
Our health care system. Flawed as it is, with long waits for surgeries, and crowded emergency wards, somehow people do get better without having to worry about being driven from their hospital bed into the poor house. So get out this Canada Day and celebrate our country. Don't be shy. "

HOW TRUE this is! There are SO many great things about this Country that we live in that we neglect to appreciate. I travel to many different countries with cycling, and we are so fortunate to have the systems set up here that we do. So quit complaining for one day and ENJOY OUR COUNTRY!

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  1. I totally agree Jenn, people here complain too much and have no freakin' clue what it must be like to live elsewhere. I am guilty of complaining from time to time as well, but this is a good reminder to shut up and enjoy where we live! :)

    Nervous about racing in Lk. Stevens - pfft! Come on now, you're gonna have a 5 or more minute lead on me coming out of the swim and it's all over from there. Unless I bike like a maniac and go against everything I have planned I likely won't be catching you anytime soon, besides, it's Jeff I'm trying to beat - muwahahaha.