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Sunday, February 20, 2011

My NEW Sport- Lesson 1

Sooo, I have been a little unmotivated, and indecisive when it comes to racing triathlon this year. I do love the sport and I am not finished with it yet, but I am just not excited about choosing a coach, a goal, any races. Then this opportunity happened to just show up in my inbox WOMEN'S BOX LACROSSE!!! Well, the idea intrigued me; talk about an opportunity to GROW and LEARN! It would put me in a whole lotta uncomfortable situations at once: team sport, using fast twitch muscle fibres, hard rubber balls flying at my head and body, hand eye coordination and other fine motor SKILLS! Sign me up!

The typical lacrosse gear is MUCH different than the mounds of triathlon gear that I already own. Luckily, my husband and his extensive lacrosse career has LOTS of extra stinky smelly gear around our condo. Soon enough I was equipped with gloves, a stick, shoulder pads, helmet and facemask, slash guards (NOT to be called elbow pads.... ).

kidney pads, appropriate footwear, mouthguard and a "jill" (figure this one out!)

Tryouts consist a few specific skill requirements:
1. Timed Sprints/Runs
2. Catching and passing from a stand still
3. Catching and passing on a FULL RUN
4. Wall Ball - throw the ball at the wall, let it bounce on the ground and catch it.
5. Quadrants- 4 boxes drawn on the wall and you have 10 shots to hit all 4.
6. 10 shots on an empty net from the top of the dotted line- you must hit the net or a post EVERY TIME.

My husband, with 30 years experience playing lacrosse, and a current Senior Men's Salmonbellies player, took me out to the outdoor box today to check out my lax skillz. Here's his recap of the session: "You improved very quickly within the session and as long as the ball doesn't come within a 3 foot radius of your head, you will be fine." -Kevin Lunnie, #47.

I agree that I DID improve immensely over the hour, as I got more comfortable. I was suprised that with a little coaching from Kev I was pretty good at the accuracy stuff, but I must also agree that my major weakness was the ball coming near my head. I welled up at one point, but it was because the ball hit me right in the tear duct :) I figure I will be a lot better wearing a helmet and hopefully I will feel invincible in all that equipment.

My challenges this first lesson were passing while running- especially when the stick was behind me.. I will need to practice that one more, and I am not very good at "scooping" the to pick it up from the ground. But again with Kev's brilliant cues, I was able to get the way it was supposed to be done.

One of the many outdoor boxes in New West. Site of lesson #1.

Stay Tuned for details from Lesson #2, where I am expected to be challenged in FULL GEAR, and Kev states that he's not going to take it so easy one me!


  1. Sounds exciting Jenn!

    Just remember that you can't be contained in no box!

    ~ Doug

  2. Fun! You will have a blast with this sport.

  3. sounds like an awesome new adventure!! Does that mean you're not doing triathlon this year?!?!????