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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

This is going to be harder than I thought... Lesson 2

SO.. since official lesson #2 with Kev was cancelled due to the overwhelming amount of snow that had accumulated at the outdoor box over the weekend, lesson 2 became me catapulted into a "shoot around" at the Arenex in Queens Park. Talk about a whole lot of intimidating situations, (although I did feel really tough running to practice with my gloves and stick c'mon, who's going to mess with a chick running with a lacrosse stick!). I walked into the arena and the intimidation started. There was only 1 face out of 13 that I knew, I recognized 2 more, and every single girl looked tougher than me! We practiced the stuff that Kev and I had practiced for about 30 seconds before the dudes running the practice decided we should do some "game drills" woah.. I haven't had this lesson yet! Here it was!!!

Cutting, picks, passing drills, shooting on the run, go left, go right, star pattern, roll. YIKES. I was ALL over the place! I was trying to think about technique, and get my passing and catching on, using a foam lacrosse ball, which is by the way, less painful to get hit with but WAY harder to catch. But then I didn't know where to run, follow the pass or wait for a pass? shoot when? as hard as I can or just toss it in? AND it seemed that as soon as I caught on to what I was supposed to be doing, it was switched up! I was standing in the middle, balls flying over my head every which way, girls running left and right and yup, I was confused as heck! That's what I call a wake up for the ol' nervous system. Something I have definitely been lacking!

So the "practice" ended with a scrimmage. TOTALLY not ready for this yet! I really should have had lesson 2. Again, I had many questions: where shall I run to? how "rough" should I be during this? what's the etiquette? Do I play a man on man or zone? Shall I try to impress the coaches or not be the cocky new girl? Do I want to start a fight right there to "earn" my spot on the team like those NHL'ers? (HA!)

SO, the first tryout is next weekend, so I have some time to go over game tape, learn all the positions and get my skillz on track! I did have a really awesome time, LOVED the workout and the challenge, and you bet your a$$ that I want even more to make this team! Maybe the competitive FIRE is coming back already!


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  2. Game tape! I want some game tape! Invite me over to watch it next time!

    Moody box Wed at lunch if you're around.

    (this is Kait, the 1 face :)

  3. It says Judy and Owen cause I set up a blog for my parents...