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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lesson 3- All Geared UP

Super fast lesson 3 occurred Thursday morning at the box over the span of about 45 minutes (excluding the time it took me to "gear up". Here's my top 10 "take homes" from this session:

1. Don't ask your coach to do your helmet up for you.. that's not cool.

2. Follow the ball with your eyes right into your stick- works like a charm every time!

3. Always keep your stick moving after you catch the ball so it doesn't bounce out. They aren't twirling those sticks around for looks, there really is a purpose.

4. There is NO offside in lacrosse.

5. Kevin is an AMAZING teacher.. he definitely will make one hell of a lacrosse coach one day!

6. Setting a pick is for a specific reason, not just to look cool doing the drills.

7. Defense and offense have particular things they are TRYING to do, these plans are very specific and a specific result is anticiptated it's not just a bunch of running around chaos out there.

8. I can't hurt Kev if he is not wearing equipment and I cross check him. If I think that I can, I will get the "are you kidding me look". An example of this look is in the photo below.

9. Kev CAN hurt me, if he is not wearing equipment and I am, and he cross checks me.

10. It's waaaaay harder to do any of the previous mentioned lacrosse skills or drills wearing a helmet... all I see are bars in front of my face that are quite distracting!

OFFICIAL TRYOUTS THIS WEEKEND!! Look out ladies salmonbellies... here comes the toughest triathlete you ever met!!!!

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