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Monday, March 21, 2011


So after a wet weekend of tryouts at Grimwood Park Box, the coaches have made their decisions...
Jenn (Lunnie) Turner is a New Westminster Women's Salmonbellie!!!

The tryouts were great! I was pretty intimidated again, to have all the equipment on and to see all these girls who all looked like they knew what they were doing. It wasn't long though before I felt like I was somewhat fitting in. The drills we learned at the shoot around were very similar, I was really comfortable in the rain thanks to the hundreds of running and bike workouts I had done in the rain, and Kev's last session when I was all geared up gave me a bit of confidence as well.

We started the tryouts on day 1 with the basic passing from a stand, from running, did a dynamic warm-up and then started working on some of the drills from last day- the star drill, running and passing, setting a pick, shooting, quick sticks, wall ball, some sprints (carefully on the wet mossy cement!) and other really cool fun brain stimulating activities (well for my brain) . The tryout ended early as the rain was really starting to soak in and get dangerous for quick stops and starts. I think day one was a success! I really LIKED what we were doing out there, and the time went by super quickly!

Day 2 started out with a run cause it was raining again and the box gets super slippery. This I was ok with, even though I had already done 1h45 earlier in the morning to get my train on for the knee knacker! Running is a strong point of mine, so I got-er done and used the needed extra time to put on all my equipment all by myself! ;) Then we started out with the same drills and started talking and practicing the one major rule change for this upcoming season- FULL CONTACT. So here is where EVERYONE is on a clean slate... none of the girls had ever practiced full contact before, and it does change the game significantly. I however, don't know the difference, and the only lacrosse I have ever watched (Kev's games) are all full contact.. so rules are the same.. +1 for Jenn!!!
CHALLENGES that I need to work through/on:
1. scooping up the ball when it is rolling on the ground away from me
2. making a mistake in front of other people (ie. a bad pass, missing the net on a shot :))
3. not be intimidated (this happens to me at triathlons all the time) and doubt myself that I should actually even be there.
4. my spinal flexibility, so that I can turn my upper body to pass but still keep my feet running forward!
5. learn everyone's names so that I am not just yelling "HEY" to everyone when I pass!
6. learn how to run and get hit, but don't let the ball fall out of my stick.

This is me--> day 2 after I had gained a bit of experience... hahahaha.

A little history of the New Wesminster Women's Salmonbellies........

2009 was a big season for the New Westminster Women's Salmonbellies. With a massive roster of 25 the team's development really showed during the year League Tournament where the team placed 2nd.

The 2008 season marked the beginning of a hopeful legacy for the New Westminster Women’s Salmonbellies. After a year in wait, the team is proud to wear the red, white and blue logo representative of the old royal city. Word of mouth brought a very full roster to the young team, and 16 new players got their first experience on the lacrosse floor together. The team increased their win count to 2 for the season, with quite a few ties and 1 goal beats. It was a very exciting season with promising results for 2009.

In 2007 the team competed under the name New Westminster Women’s Lacrosse club. Although they finished their first season without a win, the season founded a great base for the future with a focus on fun, friendships and skill development.

To check out more details go to: http://www.womensbellies.com/


  1. GO JEN GO....this post makes me want to try lacrosse! But I think I'll leave that one up to you and come support your games, hooting and hollering! Did you make it?

  2. Hell yeah bitches!! Here comes JT!! :). Congrats! Keep us in the loop on your game schedule cause we will definitely come out to cheer you on!