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Sunday, May 15, 2011


This morning's day started with an early breakfast with the staff and then prep for the rider's training on the beautiful course. The two official "soigneurs" are Maarten and Klaus, and they are quite a pair, I have had the pleasure of working with them before and I quite enjoy them. They are super efficient and also quite funny, they work really well together and have worked together so much that they have a pretty good system going on! Klaus is German and Maarten is Dutch, but I think they have created their own language. Then I step into the picture and create a bit of chaos, and throw off their balance! Dubbed 'jenny from the block' I am asking lots of questions, stemming from my desire to learn as much as I can from each interaction and activity. Sometimes I think I create more work for them trying to find me jobs! The language barrier is also a challenge for me. Even though everyone is (mostly) speaking english, there are a wide variety of accents, and sometimes after a conversation, I need to get further clarification of the actual plan!

There are still 3 days to race and I always forget to enjoy and take it all in on these pre-race days and get over feeling guilty about how cause once racing starts it gets ridiculously busy (which I love of course!). So I got in a 2 hour run this morning in the sunshine to explore and enjoy the sights of this famous lake and the Ski town! I even got a bit of a sunburn. Even though it's not super hot here, we are sitting at about 600 ft above sea level, I think, and so Altitude comes into effect!

I worked again with athletes in the afternoon while some others went on a little trip to Reno, we met up for dinner, this time as part of the regular event dinner buffet where most of the teams are altogether. Rubbing elbows with the likes of some pretty famous cyclists: George Hincapie, and Christian Vandevelde to name a few, in addition to the stars that ride for SKY!
<--Checking out my sunburn in the mirror.

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