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Sunday, May 15, 2011


The day started off early as I was meeting my shuttle friend Natalie at 5:40am at the front of the hotel. I was surprised to head down to the lobby of the hotel and it was absolutely rocking! Music playing, people drinking and drunk! Reno never sleeps!

The run was AMAZING! A little intimidated as I was told that it was a straight up climb, but the trail started out gradual and was winding through rocks and creeks and a fire regeneration forest that made for quite the scenery! As we climbed I could feel the altitude but I was keeping up with Mel, one of the creator of "Moxy Fitness" the group of training ladies I was training with! At the top we were rewarded with views of Fallen Leaf Lake and Lake Tahoe. The run back down was super fun, as I thought it would be; see the video below, it's a little shaky, (and sideways) but such a fun trail ! I was so grateful to have the opportunity to be able to get out and go for a solid run with some solid runners!

After breakfast with the team we prepped and sent them out for their last training ride before the race! A quick stop at the Adadias outlet (as a sponsor, the mechanics and athletes like to visit
the outlet at least once a day! Ha!) then I used my last bit of free time to wander into Heavenly Village. My plan was to go up the gondola as it would overlook the entire lake, but it was closed due to lightening. So I walked back to meet the riders after their ride and help the mechanics wash bikes. Regular treatment all afternoon as per usual, last day to work out any kinks then race tomorrow! Everyone is feeling good and getting antsy to get out of the hotel and get on their bikes!

My friends/patients from the Canadian team Spidertech showed up today! The vancouver "usuals" Zach Bell, Svein Tuft, Will Routley and Ryan Anderson to name a few! Andrew Pinfold who is riding for United Healthcare also got into town! Will be fun to have so many people to watch!

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