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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tour of Alaska... errr.. California

The beautiful sunny weather that we have been super lucky to have- disappeared and was replaced by SNOW- lots of it!! In MAY!! In CALIFORNIA!!! There are so many things wrong with that scenerio! They were predicting it, but when my sun lines got even more prominent I figured there was no way that could happen. But they delayed the start of the race for 4 hours, then ended up cancelling stage 1! How disappointing for all the organization and travel to not get the opportunities they planned for!

My other job today consisted of driving one of the vans from South Lake Tahoe to Squaw Valley, the next hotel where the riders and staff would be staying the next night. I was super nervous for a few reasons; it was snowing hard and the roads were being reported as bad , I had no idea where I was going and I had little idea of what to do when I got there!

So with Matty from Spidertech backin me up, we made it to Squaw Valley where it was WORSE than before. Then I had the job to unload all the rider and staff luggage and to organize the rooms. The sounds like an easy task, but it was snowing and blowing and that's a LOT of luggage. I also was to create room lists for the team and find out logistical information for the evening! I had specific instructions set by my bosses Maarten and Klaus and I didn't want to let them down! I always have an appreciation for the "behind the scenes" people, as I certainly am one of them usually but it was this specific job, that made realize how important the staff are in a project like this. This job took me all day and a lot of stress but in the end we were rewarded with a beautiful room in the Village at Squaw Valley home of the 1960 Olympics. Lots of snow and ice up here keeps us skeptical that Stage 2 will go as planned, but we shall see what the organizers come up with to get the tour officially started!

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