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Saturday, August 13, 2011


Some of you may have noticed my serious lack of blogging... (tom craik..) and I have two explanations for this:

1. Many of the blogs that I read and most enjoy are very well thought out and well written, I feel like I also need to have the "perfect post" every time. So a partially written blog sits in my edit box, until I have a few minutes to re-read and re-edit numerous times and it NEVER gets posted... (ie. knee knacker race report)

2. Most of my day is spent out in the clinic or out training vs. being able to sit still on a computer. I find it very tough to prioritize when I do have an hour or 2 of computer time. Between completing that presentation for the Cycling BC camp, writing my regular article for Triathlon Canada Magazine, developing sport programs for our teams at Optimum or social media for Moveo... blogging usually feels like it's the reward for getting all this other work done (which is never done!)

But From here on in- I am going to promise myself to be on it more. I really enjoy blogging, and reading others blogs and feel that I can read and enrich my life through this wonderful world!

Hope you enjoy reading mine!!

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