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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Grouse Grind Kinda Wednesday (my first attempt at a non-perfect post!)

Cloudy, cool, foggy, not optimal Grouse Grind conditions, which is exactly why I chose to use that as my workout! I figured that the massive crowds I have seen going up the grind during my BCMC runs would die down on this day and I could get a decent workout in myself.

I was right, but there were still quite a few bodies on the trail. As I was making my way up I had a big realization- that these people were all HARD CORE! I have a list that I call HARD CORE of people that are inspirational and motivating to me- Gary Robbins, Simon Whitfield, Clara Hughes, John Wragg, to name a few ;). This day though, I realized that HARD CORE comes in various different forms, and it doesn't have to be a 100K running race, doing 120 Ironmans, or biking across the country, it can be as simple as trying something new and hard on a day that would shy most people away.

Tourists, fitness freaks, and first timers, there were some of each group! I even saw a little guy about 10 or 11 years old that was kicking my a$$ most of the way up. I was full of admiration and respect for these grouse grinders! Instead of being annoyed at the fact that there were so many people in the way, I applauded each and every being I saw that Wednesday morning climbing the Grouse Grind!

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