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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fill the cup back up!

I learned a very important less from a patient this week, a fav of mine, J-Dub, whom I always enjoy conversing with as I fix his latest injury. I always tell him about my latest adventures, opportunities, and accomplishments. Always supportive and excited, I told J-Dub about some really positive encouragement that I had received that day from one of my Olympic athletes. J- Dub then proceeded to tell me a story about a similar situation that happened to him when he used to be involved with one of my favourite companies, Starbucks. Basically the gist was "well Jenn, you spend so much time each day giving a little bit of you to your patients and everyone you meet. Eventually, that drains the cup, and you need someone to come and fill that cup back up every once in awhile. What that athlete did was just fill the cup back up." Well that is EXACTLY what I felt just happened! It felt good to know that other people sometimes need that reassurance that they are doing a good job and also reminded me that I can also be that person that "tops someone up" just by simple appreciation of them!

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  1. Great advice. This goes along the lines of a weekly goal/challenge: to send a Thank you card. An actual card that tells someone you are grateful in your own handwriting. Handwriting!? WTF? I know.