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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Run with a World Champion!!!

One bonus perk to travelling around the world (there are many!) Is that I get to run in different countries and explore places that I would likely not visit as a tourist. Copenhagen is no exception, miles of great countryside, mixed with a city of great history and architecture.

This morning I was fortunate enough to hook up for a run with a coach from the Great Britian team, whom I had met at track World Championships in Holland in the spring.

As the sun was coming up (thankfully as usually it's pretty dull and grey here) Chris Newton, kicked my ass for 4.7 miles of greatness! Having run together before we were able to catch up on everything that had happened in between: knee knacker, london marathon, our race experiences and up and coming races, his family and little girl, the cycling world etc. Great to catch up and build a friendship!

Now what I didn't know before Sandy, the Canada mechanic hooked us up for a run, was who exactly Chris Newton was.. I mean he's a coach for GB, and coaches a lot of successful cyclists, but I had no idea that Chris himself was was an Olympic athlete, winning a bronze medal in the Points Race in Beijing, a silver medal in Athens. He's been a World Champion and is decorated with more World Cup medals than I can count!

Not only that but only a few months after retiring he decided to take up running and finished the London Marathon in 2 hours and 58 minutes. Not to shabby for someone who rarely exposes their body to eccentric/pounding exercise like running! This guy is super inspiring!! (and dedicated, and talented, and hard working, and and and so many more super qualities!)

What it comes down to is that I truly believe in that saying about surrounding yourself with people that possess qualities that you yourself would like to possess.

I am so lucky to be here, and to have the opportunities that I have and to meet great people. Truly that's what it is all about.

ps. I think the only way I could beat this guy, is if I made him wear every single medal he's ever won then challenged him to a running race...

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