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Sunday, November 13, 2011

New York Marathon in Numbers

3:49.26- my time for my first "official" marathon

10,815- My placing in the New York Marathon overall

2:05.06- the winner's time

1:44.20- the amount of time after the winner that I finished! (I think I did that math right)

47,438- The total amount of participants in the 2011 New York Marathon

22.7- the percentage in which I finished the race

141 -the amount of wheelchair and handcycle athletes who finished the NYM '11

112- the number of bands along the marathon route

2- the number of seconds that Shelley and I finished apart

9 -the amount of people who finished between Shelley and I in that 2 second margin

34,000,000- dollars raised for different charities.

112-number of bands along the marathon route

3- number of blisters I ended up with- inside of each big toe and my right mutant little toe!

1- number of black toenails I ended up with (darn morton's toe!)

4- the number of gels I consumed along the route

3- the number of bottles of water/gatorade I consumed along the route

2,000,000- the number of spectators along the route of the race!

0- the amount of people I saw that I personally knew on the sidelines.

15- celebrities that competed in the New York Marathon

2- amount of feet I was away from Mark Messier at the finish line!

1- number of weddings that occurred during the marathon, while doing the marathon.


  1. Crazy that 9 people finished in b/w you and shelly!!! Also, you told us twice the number of bands that played...but I'm sure no one noticed but me!! AND...I can't believe someone for married while running, there's runners for ya!