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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Run Therapy

Ready to run!
Nothing new, I know, but sometimes, I just need a great dose of the North Shore trails to shake what's been bugging me, or to release some of the stress that has somehow built up, or in this case to rid myself of the episodes of "space cadet" that have been plaguing me due to jet lag!!

January has been a month of HUGE changes, expansion at Optimum, changes at Moveo, my role with the National Cycling Team has hit an all time HIGH with the Olympic Games just around the corner. These are all BIG things! Many people ask me all the time how I do SO much... but I think without training, racing and competing, I WOULDN'T be able to do all this stuff...

It was just me... the river, the trees, the rocks, the roots and the mud (and a little bit of snow!) I spent the first little bit of the run working out any roadblocks or issues that have come up recently, figured out what my next steps and actions should be, thought of some great ideas, and then just let my mind focus on the task at hand..... how exhilarating, calming, freeing, trail running is. It's a euphoria that can't be explained. You have to focus on what you are doing so you don't wipe out, unlike road running, where you can solve all life's problems, trail running makes you truly focus in the moment... it's refreshing!
My poor FROZEN fingers!

I owe some blog posts about my experiences in London and Wales, at the Test Event for the Olympics which was ah-mazing!!! And now that my brain is no longer mush, I will get on that ASAP!!

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