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Monday, January 23, 2012

ok! Enough already! MY JAN 2012 RESOLUTION!

So, this week was a bit of an awakening for me in respect to BLOGGING! I find myself, thinking of lots of interesting this to blog about when I am training, and I have started probably 20+ blog posts that I have never really gotten around to finishing! My inspiration to blog initially was inspired by Gretchen Rubin and "The Happiness Project" and I was really intrigued to start blogging more to record my thoughts and experiences!

I had a few experiences this week as well, that opened my eyes to the blogging experience... in conversation with patient and friend Mat Curry, he was speaking about blogging and how "nobody reads my blog anyways!" Wait I read your blog Mat, and think it is super interesting!! I had another New Patient this weekend, a recreational cyclist, who decided he was going to come and see me, vs another chiropractor because he found my blog on google, and really liked it...

So, here it is, I am proclaiming publicly on my blog that this is going to be a regular occurrence, PROMISE.

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