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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

So today was a pretty long day at the track! 10 hours on my feet, treating, carrying bikes, some waiting around. Didn't get much fitter today on my quest for fitness, although carrying bikes and supplies, being on my feet and I am tired like I did a workout or two myself!

Michelle and I got to go on an adventure to the Chipachapee mall, a 10 min cab ride to a big outdoor shopping centre where we grabbed a delicious cuppicino (I don't typically drink coffee but this was delicious!) Walk around a bit, it was nice just to be somewhere different than locked up in the hotel or the track.

On the subject of groceries, grocery shopping in colombia is quite different than in Canada. There are very few recognizable brands. Foods are very different
Bread is not a common staple in colombia, and is gross, the yogurt is runny and all in liquid form, there was no cottage cheese, beans, lentils or tofu, to be found, and very few sources of protein available.

We have been eating from the buffet the athletes are served from. Unfortunately, we can't eat everything that is put out for chance of being ill. We have had this issue in the past where it's gone through the whole team. For starters, we can't drink the water. Therefore we have to be careful with what we eat- no lettuce: it's been washed with water, no watermelon- as sometimes they are injected with water to keep it fresh, none of the delicious looking fresh fruit juices they have, and careful with the rice, as it is re-warmed a number of times to serve it is mass quantities, even anything on ice. Some athletes have even used bottled water to brush their teeth. It would be awful to come all this way for a competition, and be unable to race your best, or race at all due to an unfortunate gastrointestinal situation. Better safe than sorry!

It is amazing to think of the variety and the quality of food we have in Canada, and made me grateful that I have so many choices for healthy eating.

(Oh ya- athlete update: zach started the omnium today and I'd sitting at the end of the day in 2nd place with another day tomorrow, our men's team sprint had another great race, continually improving from their previous performance and one of our new female endurance riders gained some international experience in the women's points race!)

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