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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cali, Colombia Fitness Quest-Day 3

Today, with aching abs, triceps and biceps from the previous 2 days total shock to my runner's motor patterning system, my partners in fitness and I embarked on a 20 minute journey back to Windsor Pilates land...

With Buns and Thighs being the target of today's fitness blast, we again, grunted and groaned with Dagney (not Doris!), and Mari Windsor as she made us 'scissor kick' and 'fetal thigh' our way to sculpted buns and thighs!

Having flashbacks to my mom's 80's aerobic exercise days, Tanya, Michelle and I sometimes quite awkwardly accomplished some killer exercises that I am going to teach my patients and kinesiologists!
I had a few extra mins after that video was done. So I got to try out the pilates version of "sculpted Abs" as well, which was also an adventure of some next to impossible moves and some "chiropractic nightmare moves" (that I did anyways, very carefully- I didn't want to omit any move that's gettin me a 6 pack of scuplted abs!).

Racing for the athletes start tomorrow, and I would like to do another circuit training type workout- stay tuned to see what we can fit in when it gets more tricky to continue our Cali fitness quest!

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