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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fitness Quest- Cali, Colombia!

Today's fitness was a Windsor pilates DVD courtsey of Michelle. As Tanya and I "warmed up" for the 20 minute session, I think we both had the same thoughts in our head... 20 mins, pilates.. No biggie.
Well 5 minutes later, there was some grunting and groaning happening and my abs were screaming at me (mostly from the water jug "kettlebells" yesterday!). A few more moves "using my powerhouse" and I was certain this workout was good for me.

Highlights of this workout video included the various green jumpsuits the team were sporting, and of course Doris/Dankie?!?, doing the modified version (which Tanya and I REFUSED to give into no matter how much we were struggling to kick our leg over our heads at times!) We concluded that this 20 minute workout, that guaranteed to "sculpt us" indeed did have its noticable benefits and I for one, am looking forward to trying the 57 minute workout in the next few days!

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