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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fitness Quest in Cali Colombia

So, it was the first day at the track today, and we are starting to see lots of the athletes arriving and training. Not all of our athletes have arrived yet, so It meant a bit of extra time to fit a workout in.
It was a nice sunny day- and I was dying to go for a run, wanting to counterbalance the rain I have been running in at home! Then my Aussie-living-in-Denmark-mechanic friend told me the german staff were robbed while they were running the previous day. YIKES!! So today's workout was a circut training bonanza with crossfit genius Michelle and CCA coach Tanya Dubnicoff:

Circuit 1: 30 seconds each
3 times through- skipping, burpees and glider hamstring curls.

Circuit 2: 30 seconds each
3 times through- stairs, water jug kettlebells and pushups!

All three of us were sweating like crazy, and I certainly had a "shake" going- was shaky to treat the next two athletes!
Great to be able to have the motivation of these two awesome athletes, and also to have time in the day to challenge our own bodies and fitness. One of the athletes commented on how they will have the fittest staff ever! We try!

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